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Manifest It

Body/Mind Wellness, LLC

Whether you are experiencing chronic pains and tensions, mental stress and anxiety, self-defeating patterns and habits, energetic blocks and holdings, or major life-transitions, Manifest It, Body/Mind Wellness, LLC is here to facilitate an experience where the mind takes a back seat, allowing the wisdom of the body to function freely and optimally.  Take your healing and transformation to the next level and experience an open, clear, and balanced body, mind, and spirit.


Why Manifest It?

Sarah has always been fascinated by the human body and mind, health and wellness.  She was a competitive athlete up into her late teens, mainly involved in downhill ski racing and swim racing.  Sarah's athletic carrier was halted after four knee surgeries by the age of 17.  During this time, Sarah met with a Physical Therapist and Athletic Training weekly to heal and re-strengthen the body.  However, something more than knee-pain persisted in her being that physical therapy nor any specific movement could "fix".  She started studying about alternative and Eastern therapies for healing, inspiring her to begin meditating at the age of 17.  

Sarah pursued her college education in the physical therapy field at Montana State University, getting her bachelors in Health and Human Development with a focus on Exercise Science.  During her college years, Sarah continued experiencing debilitating injuries with a curiosity as to why. 

With the love and interest of the Eastern therapies, Sarah began spending her summers studying Thai Medical massage at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts.  Thai massage had opened her further...body, heart, and soul.  She learned the injuries were an expression of energy; when you know how to read energy, you can begin to make changes in your life to change the reflection.  

To ground herself, Sarah started to incorporate a daily practice into her life between yoga and meditation.  The more she practiced, studied, and understood through experience of rehabilitation and healing, strengthened her understanding of the body/mind/energy concept.  The injuries affected her mind-state, her body-state, her behaviors and reactions.  She began to see the connection with her perceived thoughts manifested into automatic behaviors and life-situations.  She awoke from the robotic way of living into witness state of being.  

After graduation, Sarah pursued her interest to learn more and expand her understanding of this body/mind/energy complex.  She continued her education with Yoga Nidra Professional Training's, Yoga Therapy Professional Training's, and Sound Vibrational Therapy.  The experiences through each modality led Sarah into deeper levels of healing on physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels.  She experienced a positive shift in her digestion, insomnia, menses, body pains, and perceived stressful situations. 

Sarah began to experience a new perception of deep forgiveness and love towards the past; shifts in how she related to herself and to others; and an overall shift in health and well-being of the physical body and emotional mind.  The physical reality is a reflection of the inner reality.  When the mind is quiet, every human being has access to the innate intelligence within to heal and balance themselves.  When we are in harmony with the wisdom of the body, health and well-being manifest.     

Each modality used in Sarah's Body/Mind Integrative Therapy sessions has directly, personally, and experientially aided Sarah in her own body, mind, and wellness transformation and realization.  Her purpose here is to hold space, shift, and share with you what she has received.