Private Bodywork Sessions with Alex Bierut

Therapeutic Thai Bodywork, Thai Accupressure, Yoga Therapy, and Meditation customized for you on a sliding price scale


Thai Bodywork • Yoga Therapy • Yoga Nidra

1-Hour Quick Treatment: $75

2-Hour Full Therapeutic Treatment: $140

3-Hour Full Body Treatment: $200

Book Online, Pay in Person 

Package Rates and Income-Based “Sliding Scale” Discounts

Whether you choose a single session for a tune-up and relaxation, or wish for course of sessions to unlock deeper physical and emotional issues, we provide discounts to make this work more approachable. The benefits of this bodywork are cumulative and most effective for individuals with chronic issues in treatment courses spaced 7-14 days between each session. Packages are available for everyone to save from 10% to 20%. Income based discounts are available on single sessions and stack with package discounts to make the work more approachable


Email Alex directly for any questions, help scheduling, or if you do not see an

appointment time that works for you:


What to Expect: This skillful combination of Thai Bodywork and assisted stretching, hands-on Yoga Therapy, and Yoga Nidra Meditation create a deeply restorative and personalized bodywork experience. Sessions are tailored to your needs and range from physically intensive to gentle and relaxing. This bodywork is therapeutically oriented, typically spot-specific, and aims to treat the mind-body-emotional connection along with physical issues. Sessions start and/or end with guided meditation.

It is recommended to receive a package of 6 or 10 sessions with Alex depending on the needs of treatment. The first session will include a thorough verbal intake, physical and energetic assessment, and possibly full body treatment to discover holding patterns in the the entire body/mind.  All sessions are performed in-studio on a Thai floor mat. Clients are fully clothed in comfortable, flexible clothing.  It is advised to refrain from eating one hour prior to treatment and refrain from alcohol/drugs/caffeine the day of session.  


Detailed Description of Modalities


Thai  bodywork uses traditional Thai medicine theory and therapeutic Thai bodywork techniques to release energetic blockages manifested in the form of dis-ease, pain, and tension. By clearing the energy pathways (called sen) with felt pressure, Thai acupressure point work, and passive stretching, energy (lom) is able to move more freely, releasing and hydrating fascia, improving bodily circulation, muscular flexibility, and joint range of motion, filling every nerve and cell with a sense of vibrancy and ease.



The Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that consciously relaxes the mind by relaxing the body.  Also known as a guided meditation journey, Yoga Nidra uses various body, breath, and awareness techniques dropping one into a vast place of stillness and silence.  In this state of non-doing, silent awareness, intentions and affirmations are suggested to the subconscious, inviting the wisdom of the body to function optimally.  With this internal environment, the innate intelligence of the body spontaneously heals, balances, and rejuvenates the entire being.



Yoga Therapy, the Amrit Method of Body Psychology, utilizes body, breath, and awareness techniques to guide attention toward energy.  Energy is experienced through the medium of sensation.  When the body is positioned into a relaxed opening, specific sensations come to the light of awareness.  When these sensations are felt fully, spontaneous releases occur from the core level of the being.