Change Your Relationship with Physical Pain, Mental Stress and Emotional Reactions

Private Sessions with Sarah

Thai Medical Massage and Bodywork, Sound Vibrational Therapy, Amrit Yoga Nidra and Amrit Yoga Therapy customized for your physical, mental and emotional needs.

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Tune-Up’s or Trying it Out

Receive a two or three-hour personalized bodywork & sound healing session.

For the Committed Receiver

Receive five or ten 2-hour or 3-hour personalized bodywork & sound healing sessions for a 10-15% discounted package rate. Sarah will recommend self-care practices in between sessions that continue to keep the body in an optimal environment for health and wellness. It is advised to commit to sessions once a week until package is complete.

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This skillful combination of Thai massage and bodywork, passive stretching, hands-on Yoga Therapy, sound vibrations on and around the body, energetic facilitation and Yoga Nidra techniques create a deeply restorative and personalized bodywork and energetic experience. Sessions are tailored to your needs and range from physically intensive to gentle and relaxing. This bodywork is therapeutically oriented and aims to treat the mind-body-emotional connection along with physical issues.

All sessions are performed in-studio on a heated Thai floor mat. Clients are fully clothed in comfortable, flexible clothing.  It is advised to refrain from eating one hour prior to treatment and refrain from alcohol/drugs/caffeine the day of session.

Detailed Description of Modalities


Thai massage uses traditional Thai medicine theory and therapeutic Thai bodywork techniques to release energetic blockages manifested in the form of dis-ease, pain, and tension. By clearing the energy pathways (called sen) with felt pressure, Thai acupressure point work, and passive stretching, energy (lom) is able to move more freely, releasing and hydrating fascia, improving bodily circulation, muscular flexibility, and joint range of motion, filling every nerve and cell with a sense of vibrancy and ease.


Sound Vibrational Therapy incorporates the use of ancient and new Tibetan singing bowls, Acutonics tuning forks, tinshaw, bells, and wawa tools on and around the body to release, rejuvenate and revitalize the body, mind and being. Prayers, mantras, and affirmations may be chanted during session to enhance the practice. Sessions end with a guided meditation using the Tibetan singing bowls which instantly and effortlessly drop the body into a state of non-doing silent awareness and deep integration.


The Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that consciously relaxes the mind by relaxing the body.  Also known as a guided meditation journey, Yoga Nidra uses various body, breath, and awareness techniques dropping one into a vast place of stillness and silence.  In this state of non-doing, silent awareness, intentions and affirmations are suggested to the subconscious, inviting the wisdom of the body to function optimally.  With this internal environment, the innate intelligence of the body spontaneously heals, balances, and rejuvenates the entire being.

Yoga Nidra will mostly be a recommended at home practice. In session, specific techniques of Yoga Nidra may be used to drop more effortlessly into the energy body and connect with sensation. The state of Yoga Nidra is that of non-doing awareness and will be accessed and experienced during integration at the end of private sessions.  


Yoga Therapy, the Amrit Method of Body Psychology, utilizes body, breath, and awareness techniques to guide attention toward energy.  Energy is experienced through the medium of sensation.  When the body is positioned into a relaxed opening, specific sensations come to the light of awareness.  When these sensations are felt fully, spontaneous releases occur from the core level of the being. This is a guided energetic facilitation technique that uses Active Listening, Focusing and EDT (Energetic Diffusion Technique).