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Distance Healing

with Sarah Margaret

licensed massage therapist (LMT), 500 Hour registered yoga teacher (RYT500) 

An intuitive and personalized healing experience incorporating the use of

Amrit Yoga Nidra

Energetic Diffusion Technique (EDT)

•drop from reactive behavior into conscious feeling

•effortlessly release what you no longer need

•spontaneously calm the mind and body

Appointments range from 30-60 minutes: $45

to schedule, click the button above or call/email Sarah to set up a phone, Skype, or FaceTime session • 2487094715

Payment is made prior to appointment via Paypall, Square, or Venmo

Detailed Description of Modalities:

  • Amrit Yoga Nidra

The Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that consciously relaxes the mind by relaxing the body.  Also known as a guided meditation journey, Yoga Nidra uses various body, breath, and awareness techniques dropping one into a vast place of stillness and silence.  In this state of non-doing, silent awareness, intentions and affirmations are suggested to the subconscious, inviting the wisdom of the body to function optimally.  With this internal environment, the innate intelligence of the body spontaneously heals, balances, and rejuvenates the entire being.

  • Amrit Yoga Therapy (Energetic Diffusion Technique)

Yoga Therapy, the Amrit Method of Body Psychology, utilizes body, breath, and awareness techniques to guide attention toward energy.  Energy is experienced through the medium of sensation.  When you give yourself permission to feel what is present in the body, specific sensations come to the light of awareness.  When these sensations are felt fully, spontaneous releases occur from the core level of the being.