Private Sessions with Sarah


Through point pressure, vibrational application, passive stretching and energetic facilitation, unprocessed thoughts, feelings and emotions stored in the muscles, nervous system, connective tissue and energy channels are brought into the light of awareness to be accepted and felt fully. This spontaneously and effortlessly releases energetic blocks that have manifested in forms of physical, mental and emotional pains and tensions. The energetic release allows the free flow of prana (life force) to rejuvenate and activate optimal health and well-being.

As energetic blocks are released, an output of energy may result in a wide spectrum of vocal expressions, felt-sensations, visions and insight. This release results in detoxification, pain-relief, relaxation, enhanced awareness and acceptance.

Sarah provides a safe and compassionate space for deep rejuvenation, activation and integration. These sessions produce an experience beyond the mental mind or physical body, to a direct knowing of the energetic being that we are and union of the Divine Within.

From here, we enter the mystery…

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Sound Therapy & Vibrational Massage

Sound Therapy & Vibrational Massage is an experience of deep connection with the energy body, the life force that sustains your life. Sound Therapy instruments such as Tibetan Singing Bowls and tuning forks may be placed on the body at certain acupressure points and/or around the body balancing the brain and subtler layers of perception. Prayers, mantras and affirmations may be chanted during session to enhance overall healing and intention.

60 Minutes: $90


Thai Medical Massage & Bodywork

Thai massage uses traditional Thai medicine theory and therapeutic Thai bodywork techniques to release energetic blockages manifested in the form of disease, pain, and imbalance. By clearing the energy pathways (sen) with acupressure, assisted stretching and joint mobilization, energy (lom) is able to move more freely. When energy functions optimally, the body and mind return to homeostasis and balance.

90 Minutes: $135


Thai Bodywork & Sound Therapy

This 2-hour session gives more time to explore deeper physical, mental and emotional holdings that have manifested in the form of dis-ease & dis-order through techniques of Sound Therapy, Vibrational Massage, Thai Medical Massage & Bodywork.

120 Minutes: $195

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Manifest It Wellness Program Package

Buy 5 or 10, two-hour Thai Bodywork & Sound Therapy sessions for a discounted package price.

5 Session Package: $875 [10% off total, save $97]

10 Session Package: $1,657 [15% off total, save $292]

BONUS: Receive $5 off Monday Yoga Nidra classes led by Sarah

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