Thai Medical Massage and Energetic Facilitation


An intuitive and personalized combination of 


Thai Medical Massage • Yoga Therapy • Yoga Nidra • Sound Vibrational Therapy

Release physical and mental blockages, holdings and tensions

experience Self beyond the limitations of pain and suffering

Rejuvenate, activate, and balance the body, mind and soul


    2-Hour: $200 | 3-Hour: $300

    6-Session Package: 10% off total price

    10-Session Package: 15% off total price



    *Sliding Fee Scale may apply depending on patient income.  If you believe you qualify, contact Sarah directly to discuss further details. 

    What to Expect: In this skillful combination of therapeutic Thai bodywork, traditional Yoga therapy, and energetic sound vibrational therapy, Sarah facilitates and holds space for a healing and rejuvenating, personalized experience. 

    It is recommended to receive a package of 6 or 10 sessions with Sarah depending on the need of treatment. The first session will include a thorough verbal intake, energetic diagnostic, and full body treatment to explore the body/mind as a whole. Sessions may include all or one of the above modalities depending on the need of treatment. All sessions are performed in-studio on a Thai floor mat. Clients are fully clothed in comfortable, flexible clothing.  It is advised to refrain from eating one hour prior to treatment and refrain from alcohol/drugs/caffeine the day of session.  

    *If you wish to request a specific modality, contact Sarah directly to discuss options. 

    Detailed Description of Modalities

    Thai Medical Massage & Bodywork

    Thai medical massage and bodywork uses traditional Thai medical theory and therapeutic Thai bodywork techniques to release energetic blockages manifested in the form of dis-ease, pain, and tension. By clearing the energy pathways (called sen) with felt pressure, Thai acupressure point work, and passive stretching, energy (lom) is able to move more freely, releasing and hydrating fascia, improving bodily circulation, muscular flexibility, and joint range of motion, filling every nerve and cell with a sense of vibrancy and ease.

    Sound Vibrational Therapy

    Sound vibrational therapy may include the use of tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls and tingsha’s.  Tuning forks and singing bowls are placed on or around the body stimulating specific Thai acupressure and/or Vedic/Tibetan Chakra points to open, balance, and rejuvenate the physical body, mental body, and energy body.  Sound vibrational therapy may also be used in the beginning/end of session as aids for guided meditation to enter into deep states of effortless stillness and integration.

    Yoga Nidra

    The Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that consciously relaxes the mind by relaxing the body.  Also known as a guided meditation journey, Yoga Nidra uses various body, breath, and awareness techniques dropping one into a vast place of stillness and silence.  In this state of non-doing, silent awareness, intentions and affirmations are suggested to the subconscious, inviting the wisdom of the body to function optimally.  With this internal environment, the innate intelligence of the body spontaneously heals, balances, and rejuvenates the entire being.

    Yoga Therapy  

    Yoga Therapy, the Amrit Method of Body Psychology, utilizes body, breath, and awareness techniques to guide attention toward energy.  Energy is experienced through the medium of sensation.  When the body is positioned into a relaxed opening, specific sensations come to the light of awareness.  When these sensations are felt fully, spontaneous releases occur from the core level of the being.