I am sharing with you all an amazing experience I had recently (for the third time) with Sarah Margret of Manifest It Wellness.
Sarah is a phenomenal healing facilitator. She is a gentle powerhouse, small in stature, large in soft Light vibration and body wisdom. My body needed to trust being cared for and needed being cared for beyond measure. I only go to a healing facilitator who can go beyond them self and truly listen to the body of the person they are working with. Sarah tuned in and applied sound healing and Thai massage to open and release all I was holding tightly. I let go of my body and of time, and after several hours in Sarah’s care, I left this deep immersion in Gratitude and Peacefulness. Huge Sigh.
I HIGHLY recommend Sarah Margret’s intuitive healing touch to anyone seeking beyond traditional body work. Her touch is expansive and takes you deep into the hidden pockets of stuck energy, where you see into a mirror of your own potential. Your body will thank you!
Deep bow, beloved Sarah!
— M.F.R.
I began seeing Sarah for Thai massage to alleviate migraines. At the time, I had little understanding of the depth of her training and her inherent capacity for treating and healing the entire individual. In the weeks following my first visits with Sarah, my migraines nearly disappeared. Perhaps more importantly, over the last year, I have come to trust Sarah to guide me and work with me in ways that contribute to my physical well-being, while complementing and accelerating other avenues of personal, emotional, and spiritual growth I pursue. I have experienced in Sarah a healer who works with my complete person - mind, body, and spirit. I am deeply grateful for the warmth and wisdom I have received from Sarah, and for her guidance and companionship on my journey
— G.P.

I reached out to Sarah seeking advice regarding a back injury that I had been dealing with for nearly 4 months. In addition to providing some self care techniques, she suggested that I try her Yoga Nidra CD for pain. At first I thought it would be boring listening to the same recording daily, but after listening to it the first time, I felt a shift right away. So I decided to try it every night till my pain persists and every time have had a consistent yet different experience. Consistently I found that I was relaxed and awake through the recording which doesn’t typically happen when I am using other yoga nidra tapes. At the same time, each day I feel a little better and more comfortable with the injury which is allowing for healing. A week later I already feel a lot better
— M.R.

I just had the most amazing two-hour session from Sarah. Endless gratitude. That was not just (one of) the best massages I’ve ever had, but an amazing life experience. Thank you for holding that space and helping me through that session. I mean knots – emotional/mental/spiritual blockages were worked through so effectively as she held space. There were releases, tears, laughter, deep digestive movement, and some emotional resolutions beyond my expectations. I feel amazing and encourage you all to see her
— C.V.

Through working with Sarah, I felt an extraordinary amount of love and nurturing support. To be so supported by someone without any personal agenda or expectation was very healing and beautiful for me. Sarah is a natural and I was deeply touched. Thank you so much
— A.B.

I experienced a debilitating back injury from working, extreme enough that I could not walk a few blocks even without pain. After 1 ½ months of Thai massage therapy with Sarah Novotney, I was pain-free. My body is so much more relaxed from this Thai massage therapy; I feel 100 percent better. Sarah cares very much about her clients and their health. I recommend her highly for any problem/situation a person has
— K.U.

Sarah helped me through one of the most intense times in my life. I was having a very new and somewhat scary energetic experience, I guess you would call it a release, and when it freaked me out and I tried to stop it, she reassuringly encouraged me to let myself experience it. Without that I would have been too afraid to see it through and would still be walking around with that toxic energy in my body. After it was over, I felt a lightness and calm that I hadn’t felt in a long time. It never ceases to amaze me how much our emotions and feelings get caught up in the body and its connective tissue. Thank you Sarah for helping me. I highly recommend her for Yoga Therapy especially. She is amazing at what she does and is an all around amazing person
— L.A.

Dear Sharda (Sarah) is an angel. She possesses a soft, gentle, nurturing energy and lovingly follows her intuition to guide you through your experience. She knows exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. She is wise beyond her years, and I cannot express in words how truly grateful to her I am for holding space for me and allowing me to feel safe, connected, and taken care of. She is beauty manifested, she will not disappoint
— B.F.

I had the pleasure and honor of having a session with Sarah during her time at the Amrit Yoga Inst in Florida. She is AMAZING! If you’re in her local area (Montana), I strongly recommend gifting yourself with an incredible healing opportunity.
She uses an array of modalities to customize and optimize your body’s healing on levels of physical health and wellbeing. She has extraordinary skills that can access physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of you in other words, she works with you wholly..not partially. It is TRULY a healing opportunity. I left my session with absence of pain, increased total mobility, and a state of peacefulness...I even felt lighter!! the MasterCard commercial describes...’Priceless’!
— K.G.